Sunday, October 18, 2009

I, Mother Earth

Mankind vanished from the earth and went to another planet centuries ago , leaving behind ruins and ashes, an extremely polluted atmosphere ... a dead planet.
They left, leaving behind the huge statue of Gaia;Mother Earth, in a gigantic dome containing the last relics of nature (seeds, etc...)
Centuries later, against all odds, nature has reclaimed it’s right and these innocent animals have unwittingly found the source of this miraculous revival ...


  1. Is this piece a game concept or personal work? It looks amazing, although the idea isn't new, but the execution is extraordinary.

  2. hey!
    it's a personnal work that comes from a dream ...I'm really glad that you like the picture!

    I will think about making other views of that universe and maybe develop it

  3. Beautiful; both the imagery and the concept (dream) behind it. I could see a whole story revolving around this. <3

  4. @ persephone ,thanks a lot! maybe one day ,I will devellop a story about it